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there is a war going on behind all this

thanks for doing your part






REMEMBER: Every month, on the 6th, I answer questions sent from YOU- the fans! See Q&A for more info. Also every month, I do a monthly update! Check out the Monthchive! Random times throughout the month, I do a Progress Report- they are all located at the Report Files!
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8/15: It's not news that Michael has diead. We mourned his loss but his miraculous return was too far in the wrong direction. We are planning his second assassination. Stay tuned for more details. - Harvest Lepper out.

5/21: Green is NOT my favorite color. Please stop sending me green shit. I don't like it or appreciate it. Thank you.





5/28: For the last time, I won't go drinking with you, I'm not who you think I am. I am Jesus, I cannot overpower me. I will stay at home with my main man, goodbye.


4/24: The Progress Report 3 has been posted. Yup. You heard me right.

2/18: GO READ THIS RIGHT THE HECK NOW: Progress Report 2!!!!!!

12/28: In case you have not noticed, or just forgot, Wilibine Productions/Plekpedia is on break for Christmas and New Years! We'll see you soon!

12/21: Well were still alive here at Wilibine Productions! No apocalypse to be seen. With that being said, I apologize for the slight lack of my sketches, I've been using a new style of art and I've been totally focused on practicing. So I sort of forgot to :P But don't worry! I'll put up some of the stuff that I've been working on sometime today or tomorrow! -Canyon

12/14: Because I forgot to post a Sketch O' the Day yesterday, (I had good reasons, I went to see the Hobbit.) Here is today's sketch, and one I did a little while ago!

12/13: Check out the Progress Report!

12/11: The first Sketch O' the Day has been posted! :D

12/10: Check out the new Sketch O' the Day page!

12/8: Shabam! Another chapter of Tables! Two in one day!

12/8: Chapter 5 of Tables has been posted! The next few chapters will be switching between the point of view of Gideon and Tidal, allowing a look into the mission of the Olympians while simultaneously showing the intensity that is rising at the Table.

12/6: A short chapter of Tables has been added!

12/6: Check out the bottom of the Carchathon page for a brand new picture of the Olympians from Tables!

12/6: The December 6th 2012 Q&A is up! Woot! It's been a while!

12/5: Hey all! This is the Carch. Just here to let you know that I am starting another thing called "Sketch O' the Day". This fine event is to show you fine people what I do! and to see the art i have done outside of the Plek universe! They wont be anything fancy, just sketches and drawings. THIS IS NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH THE CARCHATHON. That's another project! It just takes more time to do because the art is more detailed. So stay groovy folks! -That guy named after a massive hole in the ground.

12/3: Chapter 3 of Tables is now out!

12/2: Go and take a look at the temporary home/info site for our company! It needs work and a lot of updating, but I'm taking it one step at a time. Lots more will be added in the Projects section soon. Here is the link: [WWW]

11/29: THE AMA IS OVER! Thanks for coming, though most of you were in school! Haha.


11/28: LOOK AT THIS RIGHT NOW: Hey! Whatcha doing tomorrow at 2 PM Eastern time? GETTING YOUR BUTTS ON REDDIT TO DO AN AMA THAT'S WHAT. Me (Michael) and Canyon shall be doing an AMA in r/IAmA from 2 to 3 PM Eastern time. My account (Michael) is named 'Wilibine' and Canyon's is 'CarchCommand'. See ya there. Prepare your questions. You'll have one hour. We'll answer as many as humanly possible. ALSO: Making a reddit account is quick and easy- you don't even need an email! Just make a username and password, then get to it! ALSO ALSO: If the post is for some reason removed, it will be remade in the Plekpedia subreddit.

11/27: Dah Monthly Update 9 has finally been posted! Check it out!

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